Our Schoolmasters

clinicwebsmall.jpgNero (Comunero II) is a 15.3hh 13 year old PRE Andalucian with a heart of gold. He is a genuine sweetheart whose generous nature makes him perfect for novices, those starting again and nervous riders – yet he has the education and talent to perform all medium level movements easily, as well as some more high school tricks. A perfect lunge horse, he will trot and canter all day long, putting his riders in the right place and giving them superb ‘feel’. His rocking horse looks mean that everyone falls in love with him.


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jago.jpgJago (Doran N)  is 15.2hh 11 year old Friesian gelding. Safe and forgiving, Jago is a real confidence-giver with terrific paces who really wants to work with his rider. A superb lunge lesson horse, he can help even the most nervous rider achieve a good feel and build their core stability under Sam's expert guidance. His wonderful armchair trot and canter make him a truly rewarding horse for clients to progress on so that you can achieve the correctness needed for more advanced work.

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miro7.jpgMiro (Escultor III) is a 16hh 14yo PRE Andalucian stallion who looks like a fairytale dream, and is as gentle and responsive as he is handsome. Trained to a high level in Spain, with piaffe, passage, demi canter pirouettes and tempi-changes in his repertoire, he is incredibly rewarding for the experienced rider. Light and quick to the aids, with lots of movement, huge showmanship, and yet easy paces to sit, he will repay all those lucky enough to work with him with the ride of their lives.



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 websancho5tiny.jpg Sancho is a Spanish bred 16.2hh Lusitano x Warmblood 11 year old gelding who has recently joined the Dovecote team. Trained up to PSG, he gives a superb feel and is a generous and very comfortable horse who will always try his best for his rider.